This Dream



it occurred to me in this dream

that Life really is a dream

where Time reaches out to touch us

and in that desire and reaching

Time sends some energy in our direction

and spins us just a bit

because we are the Timekeepers

who make the dream alive

by accepting the gift of Time

it flows through our gears

winding through our clockwork

the flesh we use to

see the days

flowing like a river

endlessly to their destiny

and this communication

between us and Time

creates the ebb and flow of the oceans

as Time offers and we receive

when we start to wake from this dream

Reality will break through in fragments

and we’ll ask aloud

is this all there is for me

and Reality will break through entirely

as eyes open and truth revealed

you were doing your faithful duty

as Timekeepers

keeping the dream alive

the Creator’s dream

of loneliness

we are made somewhat in His image

and have a bit of that great loneliness

inside us

one of the many

pains to remind us

if we wish to be reminded

of the Creator’s aloneness

motionless in the Nothing

before there was Light

and the Darkness covered the Void

with Time waiting

for that cascade of moments

waiting to be born

in the Nothing

the Creator dreamt a dream

and the dream was this dream

in which creatures struggle

against the enemy named Time

they worshipped it or wasted it

but ultimately feared it

and the Darkness

it came from

curse the friction of Reality

against our fragile skin

as Time erodes us

one must wonder if the Creator

will need to create another Timepiece

this dream is falling apart

we keep this dream alive

not because we must

see meaning in the Cosmos

but because we might

add some meaning within it

by perfecting the parts we play

and because we are never

perfectly what we want to be

we reach out and swim

through the current Now

as the moments are needed

we reach for them and Time pours in

yet when reduced to dust

by the same gift

we complain

is this all there is for me

your faithful Timepiece

who kept your dream alive

this beautiful universe

by pulling Time through this sieve of flesh

until this horrible remainder

the Creator replies


this is all there is for you

and it should be enough

for what choice have you had

and look to the sky

and see what was imagined

is it not worth

the pain


All of these skyscapes we experienced together.






The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. — Psalm 19:1





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