Song Lyrics

Painful days without her led to some punishing prose.  They will become lyrics.


Gray Sunday


snow falling fast
at a sharp angle
falling to rest on the field
and the stone
with our names
the wind pushing snow
i hear the sadness of it
through my heart
this gray and quiet day
two years since
i thought it was the sea
the sea of sleep
that would drown the pain
it was a lie
i told myself
nothing will change this
snow falling parallel to the ground
wind burning my face
two years since you left us
so alone without you
planet of people, yet alone
planet of life, yet stone
sky of song, now shrill
cold January, birds silent
hiding, waiting for the Sun
you gave the invisible
gifts of your presence
vibrations of your voice
smile of a girl
happy to be loved
curse my memory
imperfect, incapable
of bringing you back
full in my arms again
only fragments remain





praying hard
that I’ll see her again
trying hard
to put the grief behind
with the pain
where it can’t twist my face
they hold on
the pair of them, tightly
pain and grief
they creep uninvited
back into
the corners of my eyes
i let them
because i deserve them





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