We were twenty years old and knew we could never live without each other.

It was a late spring day and it occurred to me to that there may never be a perfect time to ask her to marry me.   The future was an impossible place, but here we are, now.

I bought an engagement ring and planned.   On her birthday, on her grandmother’s porch, I submitted my proposal.  I was actually surprised that she was so excited about it.  My mind was left spinning, trying to calculate the solutions to all the new problems this presented.  But, as always, she showed me there are no problems – only challenges we would face together.

I did the old-fashioned thing and asked her father for her hand (though I was inclined to elope with her).  I expected the third degree, but instead, he said, “what took you so long?”

So in early October, we were married by her pastor at the Linden Luthern Church.  Our best friends, Rick and Beverly, were Best Man and Bridesmaid.  The Sicilians hosted the reception at their home and everyone got stuffed with lasagna and Tony’s famous oyster dressing.


There was genuine joy in her that day.

As evening approached, the wine began flowing liberally, so we left before we could see anyone getting plastered and headed to the bridal suite at the tallest hotel in Columbus.  It was the weekend, getting dark, deserted, and it felt as if we had the entire downtown to ourselves.   The few people we did come across saw the glow around us and stared.


Thanks to our friend John McLoughlin for taking this picture, wherever you are.


One thought on “Vows

  1. Thank you for the story! Fun to hear your memories. I imagined you telling me this story in person, and I could see her sitting next to you with that child-like grin while you told me the details.

    I miss those times.


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